Yahoo! Electric City Experience Launches In Decentraland Metaverse

  • June 9, 2022

This month, Yahoo will launch an exclusive Electric City experience week right in the Decentraland metaverse. The event, organized by VegasCityDCL, will run between June 13th and June 22nd. Then, collectors will enjoy gatherings, parties, and even NFT wearables from Andy Gellenberg himself!

official poster of the Yahoo! Electric Experience NFT event at Decentralnad
The Yahoo Electric experience starts on Monday at the Decentraland metaverse for the NFT community! Credits: Decentraland

What will you find at Decentraland’s Yahoo! Electric Experience?

Yahoo is ready to start the summer with a week of entertainment for all collectors in the Metaverse. The giant web services provider joined forces with Decentraland to create the Yahoo! Electric City experience.

Basically, this digital event aims to bring NFT enthusiasts together in the heart of the Metaverse. The experience starts on Monday, June 13th, between 4 am and 2 am (UTC +3). Each day for a week, collectors can socialize and enjoy the space’s “inclusive functions”.

Furthermore, the event will also host a virtual basketball game. Accordingly, attendees will receive NFT wearables designed by none other than Andy Gellenberg. The German artist is renowned for his collaborations with Nike, Brand Jordan, Powerade, and more.

artwork created by artist Andy Gellenberg
Surprisingly, the iconic artist Andy Gellenberg designed exclusive NFTs for the Yahoo! Electric experience. Credits: Andy Gellenberg

Yahoo x Decentraland continue their metaverse partnership

The Yahoo Electric City experience is undoubtedly a breakthrough for the web provider into the Metaverse. Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Yahoo! got involved in NFT-powered projects.

Back in March, the giant company presented the Charli Cohen x RSTLSS experience called “The Initiation”. The event happened in Decentraland too, as part of the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW). You can learn more about the overall MVFW experience right here.

This time, though, Yahoo seems to be more determined than ever to expand its horizon on the NFT scene. At this moment, the company appears to focus on creating memorable events for the NFT community. Its upcoming Electric Experience at Decentraland starts on June 13th and anyone can join!

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