Domingo x Sita NFT: A Joint Collection from Two Celebrated Creators

  • June 10, 2022

The product of two renowned artists, the Domingo x Sita NFT collection is ready to make a major splash in the NFT space. Fashion designer and DJ Sita Abellan is bringing her much-lauded style to help bring Domingo Zapata’s iconic Pandas onto the blockchain.

Domingo x Sita NFT for J Balvin
Sita Abellan will hand-style exclusive Panda NFTs for celebrity friends, like this one for global music superstar J Balvin.

What is the Domingo x Sita NFT collection?

The Domingo x Sita NFTs are a collection of 8,888 unique takes on the work of acclaimed Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata. In particular, the NFTs feature the Panda character from some of Zapata’s most beloved art collections.

Indeed, Zapata’s Panda series boasts a global community of celebrity collectors. In fact, the character has previously made its way onto designer clothing and accessories. Thus, the Domingo x Sita NFTs represent the evolution of the character and its entry into the world of Web3.

six Domingo x Sita Panda NFTs with different traits
The high-profile NFT collection is eying up a late June mint date.

Significantly, fashion icon Sita Abellan will personally style 50 of the Domingo x Sita NFTs. In the past, the designer has created custom pieces for brands like Fendi and Nike. Not to mention that she has also styled a number of A-list celebrities, from Kim Kardashian and Lewis Hamilton to J Balvin.

The reggaetón star J Balvin is also among Sita’s friends who will be part of the mint process, crafting their very own custom Pandas. Brazilian singer Anitta is another such Panda holder, and there will be many more big names to come. 

As of now, the exact mint date and price for the Domingo x Sita NFTs are unannounced. In any case, we can expect to see the NFTs launch towards the end of June. What’s more, all upcoming details for the launch will come directly from the Domingo x Sita NFT collection’s official channels.

Domingo Zapata Domingo x Sita NFT
The Domingo x Sita NFTs draw on Domingo Zapata’s iconic panda artwork.

About Domingo Zapata and Sita Abellan

Domingo Zapata is a neo-expressionist artist, whose collectors range from Goldman Sachs to Leonardo DiCaprio. Zapata has received much praise for his work, even being called the Andy Warhol of his generation. The artist also brings his own experience in the fashion industry to the project.

For example, he has worked with the footwear brand Steve Madden for Superega and partnered with Alice & Olivia. In addition, he has also created lines for both New York and Los Angeles fashion weeks.  

Sita Abellan is also a young titan in her field. The producer & DJ also curates fashion and digital culture as an important part of her persona. Sita started off modeling, before spreading her wings as a DJ, producer, designer, and stylist. 

Notably, Sita is a long admirer of Domingo Zapata’s work, which evidently helped her take the leap into the space.

“This is my first experiment in the metaverse, but it was perfect for me… I am excited to do more in this space, as it feels like it is pushing the limits, which is always my approach,” Sita said in a statement.

To stay in the know about the NFT collection, especially for updates on drop date and mint price, you can check out the project’s website. Of course, you can also find updates through its Twitter page.

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