NFT Project 10KTF Shop Look To Hire The Voice Of Wagmi-San

  • June 10, 2022

10KTF Shop, an NFT project that creates 1-of-1 accessories for major NFT collections such as BAYC, searches for the voice of Wagmi-San. The voice actor will bring to life the 10KTF’s main character in short cinematic scenes.

The picture shows Wagmi-San in the 10KTF Shop
10KTF Shop looks for the perfect voice for their popular main character Wagmi-San. Credit: @10KTFshop on Twitter

Who is 10KTF Shop’s Wagmi-San?

10KTF NFT Project is popular as it has collaborated with many IRL brands and created accessories for the largest NFT collections. 10KTF makes derivate NFTs. Basically, you first need to have a supported NFT from another collection such as BAYC, Cool Cats, and Pudgy Penguin. Then you can create 10KTF NFT accessories for these various parent NFTs. Wagmi-san, the popular character of the 10KTF shop makes this custom 1 of 1 NFTs.

According to the NFT project, Wagmi-San is a Japanese man in his late 80s and the hero of the 10KTF shop. He’s a master craftsman in the fictional world of New Tokyo. He runs a shop crafting NFT derivatives for his loyal customers. 10KTF describes him as someone wise, skilled, warm, and friendly.

In a teaser trailer last month, the NFT project featured Wagmi-San as an anime character.

What Are The Requirements To Be The Voice of Wagmi-San?

Twitter user @nftrancher revealed the details of the job post yesterday. 10KTF project looks for a male Japanese or any Asian descent from ages 45 to 65 with a higher timbre or pitch. Additionally, the NFT project searches for someone whose voice sounds delicate, bright, and sincere. “We originally pictured James Hong’s voice”, the post said.

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