Paris Hilton x ACMA Partner To Fund Female Digital Artists In Web3

  • June 10, 2022

Paris Hilton partners with the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art to create a new fund to support digital artwork from female artists. The fund will go to support artists’ works, ranging from animation, AR, video Art, NFTs, and more. As Paris Hilton’s first acquisition fund for an art museum, the fund will empower a wide range of curators to examine and study digital innovation worldwide.

Paris Hilton Partners With LACMA to support female artists
Paris Hilton and Krista Kim in front of Kim’s Continuum Artwork.

Hilton Pushes To Support Female Artists

Alongside the fund’s launch, LACMA has obtained two artworks for their permanent collection. The First piece is composed by a British artist named Shantell Martin. Titled “The Question,” Martin uses the power of enhanced technology to engage in his work. Lastly, LACMA acquired a piece titled “Continuum” from Canadian-Korean artist Krista Kim.

While soaking in inspiration from the California sky, Krista drew her source imagery. The work depicts a vibrant color gradient that evolves over a 40-minute loop. Both pieces are set to be included in an upcoming exhibit examining the innovation of women artists from LACMA’s collection. Furthermore, the works will go to Arizona State University in the fall of 2022 for display.


Accordingly, coming from their Art and Technology program in the late 60s, the relationship between technology and art has been a crucial part of LACMA’s programming. With the pairing of 70 artists, LACMA facilitated opportunities for artists to work with groundbreaking technologies. However, throughout the program, the participants featured were only men. As a result, in 2014, LACMA launched ART+, which continues in the spirit of experimentation and collaboration while supporting a diverse group of artists.

As an activist and entrepreneur who likes to push the boundaries in many maleĀ­ dominated fields, I immediately identified the need to support women in Web3. There are so many incredibly brilliant and creative women innovators in the space.”

Paris Hilton

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