Discord Scams Are Not Slowing Down: Here Are The Worst Offenders.

  • June 11, 2022

Unfortunately for NFT holders, Discord scams are not slowing down. Based on a study by @NFTherder, there have been 41 NFT Discords exploited in just the first 10 days of June. This includes a few multiple-time compromises.

discord scams
Discord remains the leading NFT chat platform but is full of scams.

Discord Scams: Who Has Been Affected?

These Scams have been terrible, particularly in the first 10 days of this month. @nftherder on Twitter has studied all of the 41 cases which were discovered. One of the big names included in the list was Bored Ape Yacht Club, this was the second time they’d been compromised.

To clarify, when a Discord is compromised, hackers will get into the Discord of an NFT collection. Once in, they’ll do things to attempt to profit from users in the Discord who don’t fully check the links. Something that they may do is post a fake link to a new mint, for example. These cases can particularly be done around the mint time of an NFT collection so that people believe they are clicking on a real link to buy an NFT.

This has led to some people criticising the Discord platform. Many have asked for a better community chat app. This is due to all of these hacks and compromises, which have lost people lots of money over time. One user, @OrevaPaul said: “Discord is not safe for web3 anymore we need a new platform that prioritizes security!”

Protect Yourself

With these Discord scams, there are not many things that individual people can do to stop, or even reduce, these happening. This lies on the project holders and platforms, in this case, Discord, to protect their users and holders.

But for individual users, people must be careful with the links they press. As well as this, who they listen to on certain Discords. In detail, people need to read every single character of links. Some hackers may just replace an “l” for a “1” for example.

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