FTC NFT Just Played A Nasty Trick On Their Paperhanded Holders

  • June 11, 2022

In the past few days, the FTC (‘For The Culture’) NFT collection has been threatening their paper-handed buyers. Specifically, ones who have been listing NFTs for below 1 ETH. Now, all of these people’s NFTs in the collection appear to have had their art changed to simply “GAME OVER” in all caps.

The FTC NFT collection have been threatening their paper handed collectors

About the FTC NFT collection

The FTC (For the Culture) NFT collection was released in the 1past week (June 5th). After joining Twitter in only May, the collection has grown to a huge audience of 136,000+ followers. This comes from their brand, built around the middle finger emoji and the word “f*ck”.

They have claimed to have brought back the bull market. After their totally free mint, where they even paid 0.01 ETH to minters to cover gas, the floor price on OpenSea currently sits at 0.17 ETH, with an average price of 0.33 ETH over time. The collection wanted people to come for the meme and stay for the culture, whilst saying never underestimate the power of memes. As a part of the FTC NFT collection, they also didn’t build a roadmap, building on their careless persona as a collection.

Quite simply, all of those who listed NFTs below 1 ETH got this “game over” image onto their NFTs. It’s unclear to how many are like this, but there are still some with the original artwork for those who listed above 1 ETH or didn’t list at all.

What Does ‘Game Over’ Mean?

Over the past few days, the collection has been threatening their “paper hands” purchasers. Specifically, those who were listing NFTs under 1 ETH on marketplaces. They even called them “paperf*ckers” on several occasions. Now, they have carried out what they were saying and changed all of the NFTs to “game over”.

With what has happened, the majority of the Twitter comment section seems to be happy with what the collection has done. Many have said, it was a free mint so you couldn’t expect much.

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