Drive My Car Film Producer Nekojarashi Launches An NFT Marketplace

  • June 13, 2022

Nekojarashi, the Academy award-winning producer behind Drive My Car, today announced the launch of a new NFT marketplace, “Roadstead”. Created in partnership with Intertrust, a leading digital rights management (DRM) technology company, the marketplace will allow users to view, sell, and trade NFTs. So let’s take a closer look into what Nekojarashi’s NFT marketplace is all about.

Nekojarashi's NFT marketplace Roadstead
Nekojarashi has launched its own NFT marketplace.

About Nekojarashi’s NFT Marketplace, Roadstead

Firstly, unlike existing NFT marketplaces, Nekojarashi’s NFT marketplace, Roadstead brings several added features to the table. This includes lending, rentals, and superdistribution. All in all, the marketplace’s aim is to allow creators the opportunity to securely monetise their assets.

The marketplace leverages uses blockchain and DRM technologies to protect against piracy and NFT forgeries. Besides, it allows creators and fans to interact directly with their fans. Moreover, Intertrust DRM goes the extra mile to prevent fraud.

“Japanese content plays a major role on the world stage,” said Misaki Kawamura, Founder and CEO of Nekojarashi. “The fans are deeply loyal and enjoy digital content in all forms making them prime customers for NFTs. Yet existing marketplaces lack capabilities that consumers and rights owners need to protect their investments such as fraud protection to preserve content integrity and brand equity, thus scaring away major brand holders.”

It is these issues that Nekojarashi aims to solve with its marketplace. Through Intertrust’s TRM technology, Roadstead will offer authenticated content in a secure environment. Initially, the marketplace will offer Japanese content from major brands in gaming, anime, manga, film, sports and music. It also has plans to expand globally in the future.

What Are the Features of Roadstead?

As previously mentioned, Roadstead comes with a slew of features:

  • Users can distribute video content as well as digital assets.
  • Creators can set their own rules for each NFT, such as the price, the number of sales, rentals, and resale, among others.
  • It is integrated with crypto wallets.
  • DRM technology manages and protects the content on Roadstead, making it extremely difficult to create duplicates.
  • Offer features such as advanced user authentication, fraud protection, and risk management.

“Intertrust DRM helped lead the charge in taking the music and film industries onto the Internet in the late 90s,” said Albhy Galuten, CEO and Co-founder of Agora Media. “Intertrust TRM is a new dawn, adding new dimensions that allow rights to be tracked and traded from creator to consumer, enabling the creative industry to fully implement their vision for total Internet commerce.”

Nekojarashi website homepage with cartoons of little girls Roadstead
Nekojarashi is a Japanese media producer.

About Nekojarashi

Nekojarashi is a Japanese media producer focusing on video-related cloud services. These services take care of everything from video content management to direct to consumer distribution. Some of the major IP rights holders, including movie production companies, broadcasting stations, advertising agencies, and game providers use these services. 

All things considered, with Nekojarashi’s experience in data sharing and distribution services, the new marketplace is off to a promising start. More importantly, it will serve as a great platform to find NFTs on authenticated Japanese content. 

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