Founder Of 10ktf Shop Sends Stolen Socks NFT Back To Hack Victim

  • June 13, 2022

This week, another NFT collector fell victim to a hacking incident – this time involving stolen 10KTF collectibles. However, the story had a happy ending this time thanks to the 10KTF founder himself, Figge.

Accordingly, the content creator bought shoes and socks collectibles from the hacker, sending them back to the victim. All in all, the situation was solved in less than 24 hours, much to the community’s delight.

image of two 10KTF Shop shoe NFTs
Another Twitter NFT collector fell victim to a hacking incident, but the 10KTF Shop founder saved the day! Credits: 10KTF

How were the two 10KTF shoe NFTs stolen?

June 12th was a tough day for NFT collector @InctubeTweets. He revealed that an anonymous hacker had stolen his 10KTF Shop NFTs. In addition, the collectors also confessed that he had been working for over a year on his collection.

Of course, the NFT community quickly tried to help. One collector even asked for the links to each NFT to try and find a solution. By the end of the evening, though, @InctubeTweets felt hopeless.

Accordingly, the incident happened because the victim signed the wrong transaction.

Twitter screenshot of InctubeTweets user posting about his stolen 10KTF Shop NFTs
NFT collector @InctubeTweets shared the news of his stolen 10KTF Shop NFTs on Twitter. Credit: Twitter

How did Figge help the 10KTF NFT collector?

Surprisingly, @InctubeTweets woke up on June 13th with all of his 10KTF Shop collectibles back in his wallet. In addition, the collector found a message from none other than Figge, the project’s founder:

Twitter screenshot of a message by Figge on the stolen 10KTF NFTs
The 10KTF founder bought the NFTs back to return them to their holder. Credit: Twitter

Obviously, the victim was taken aback by the gesture – and so did the rest of the NFT community.

“Yesterday I went to bed feeling so bad and hated on everything,” @InctubeTweets wrote on Twitter. “This morning I woke up and checked my Twitter to find a message from @mfigge. This guy bought one of my lost NFTs back. I would’ve never imagined someone doing this.:

To conclude, @InctubeTweets is among the lucky collectors who recovered their stolen NFTs. Nevertheless, many hacking incidents have tragic endings too.

This is a reminder for all of us to protect our digital assets the best way we can. You can check out our guide on NFT scams right here to learn more about keeping your crypto safe!

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