Rogue Society Is Up To No Good Again, According To NFT Detective

  • June 14, 2022

Last month, we reported that NFT detective ZachXBT identified the founder of ​​The Rogue Society NFT collection, who allegedly ran away with $5.5 million. Now, the project is back in the news—again, for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the Rogue Society team rigged a $5K competition so that one of the team members could win the prize. 

Rogue Society NFT Bot with clouds wearing a suit
The Rogue Society NFT collection is in muddy waters, again.

What Happened With Rogue Society?

Yesterday, June 13, NFT detective ZachXBT revealed that the Rogue Society founding team is up to no good. In their original tweet thread exposing the project’s activities, ZachXBT added a new update. 

“So after my thread the team magically reappeared and announced a $5k theme song competition,” they wrote. But here’s where things get interesting. The project entered one of their own team members and rigged the game so that they won it.

ZachXBT explained further: “RS team let one of their own team members enter the competition. They end up losing by 1 vote. RS team then changes the rules to vote again so the team member then wins the $5k.”

ZachXBT's tweet on Rogue society
ZachXBT exposed the project.

How Did NFT Twitter React to Rogue Society’s Actions?

Following ZachXBT’s allegations, NFT Twitter was quick to call out the project. While some called the project a “scam”, others called the move “just sad”.

“A run-off vote because there was only one vote between first and second?” commented Twitter user Mikey 8Bit. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Launched in September 2021, The Rogue Society is a PFP NFT project with 15,777 Robot NFTs. Its  website, says that these Bots “escaped enslavement from a failed Utopian Society”. The project is alleged to be a slow rug after its founder ran away with the $5.5 million raised from the launch. Moreover, the team has yet to deliver on any of the roadmap promises. 

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