Zunkz Admin Promises Legal Action Against NFT Content Creator

  • June 14, 2022

Just weeks after the Zagabond fiasco, the Zunkz NFT project sees itself caught up in some drama again. This time it’s due to an NFT content creator who made some serious allegations against the Zunks project admins. A day later, one of the admins came out not only to refute the claims, but also to promise that there will be a “legal consequence” for the claims made.

CryptoZunks NFTs
Did the Zunks community just get rugged again?

What started the conflict between Zunkz and Jason Cline

Basically, the drama started with a tweet from social media content creator and CryptoPhunks holder Jason Cline (@Jclineshow). Cline, who makes NFT-related content on TikTok and YouTube, tweeted a video breaking down what he called a scam. In essence, he claimed that the four Zunkz admins had paid themselves $450,000 from the Zunkz treasury. In addition, he claimed that the four purchased a Goblintown NFT for $250,000.

Significantly, he claimed that this money came from the Zunkz treasury. The project received $1.7 million from its founder, Zagabond. This came after a scandal surrounding different “failed” NFT projects that Zagabond founded prior to founding Azuki. In fact, many in the NFT space labeled Zagabond as a serial rug puller after the revelations came out.

note from Zunkz admin
Zunkz admin zxv had some strong words for Jason Cline. Credit: @dxv_eth on Twitter

Zunkz Twitter account and admin tweet strong statements refuting the claims

About a day after Cline’s initial tweet, the Zunkz Twitter account put out a thread strongly denying his claims.  The thread provides counters to each of his points, painting them as outright false.

Significantly, Cline seemed to use Discord messages from Zunkz Core Team member, zxv, as his main source of evidence. Well, zxv is not taking that lightly. Indeed, as shown in the above note that zxv tweeted out, the Zunkz admin went as far as bringing up legal action against Cline.

zxv wrote, “It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when there will be legal consequence to answer for this.”

Tweet from Zunkz
Zunkz maintains there’s no truth to the claims against their admins.

Is a feud brewing between the derivative CryptoPunk projects?

Notably, many of the people sharing Cline’s Tweet and highlighting his claims were CryptoPhunks holders. Evidently, there is some bad blood between the two communities. It’s important to note that CryptoPhunks was one of the other projects that decoupled from Zagabond.

From the thread, it certainly seems that dxv sees the claims as an attempt by some Phunks to slander the Zunkz. To illustrate, the Zunkz admin closed out the thread by taking a shot at the CryptoPhunks. As he noted,

“Leave us the f*** alone, we’re here to turn Zunkz into a billion-dollar project, not some f***ing wrong way facing ‘movement’”.

All things considered, we likely haven’t heard the last of this drama. Especially given how strongly the initial claims against Zunks were made, and that one of the admins is now promising legal consequences. Whether that turns out to be the case is anyone’s guess. In any case, NFT disputes turning personal quickly are nothing new.

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