Confti Club – The Crowdfunding Solution for Co-Owning Blue-Chip NFTs

  • June 17, 2022

Here to solve the lack of liquidity problem that has arisen in wake of blue-chip NFTs soaring in price, Confti Club is the all-in-one NFT crowdfunding and division protocol which allows hopeful NFT investors to divide and co-own illustrious NFTs.

With a primary focus on NFT crowdfunding and division, the open protocol consists of a series of Ethereum-based smart contracts that also allow users to explore opportunities of NFT issuance, renting, collateralized lending, and trading, meaning the requirements of all NFT investors are holistically catered to. 


Confti has already launched its NFT Party and Division solutions, which essentially allow groups of like-minded investors to purchase expensive NFTs through crowdfunding. These can then be divided into fungible parts through fractionalization and the smart contracts embedded into the Confti protocol.

To begin with, the practical dilemma of sourcing like-minded investors to collaborate with is what many a NFT investor may face, which is why Confti’s Party service solves this by offering a DAO solution which comes with governance tools to help individuals with similar consensuses to find each other. From here, the Confti DAO system allows participants to execute a whole array of decentralized governance operations.

Confti Parties is made for both individual NFT enthusiasts hoping to own a slice of the blue-chip pie, as well as DAOs who wish to onboard such actors in order to co-finance the purchase of an expensive NFT. Here, zero platform fees are observed, and all data gets stored on-chain via smart contracts.


As its name suggests, the Division solution relates to users gaining partial ownership and rights over assets once their respective ‘Party’ wins an NFT auction/mints an NFT. Through this, all perks embedded within the asset, whether that be dividends, governance voting rights, or airdrops, will be on offer to users at a proportion that corresponds to the amount of investment they put into acquiring the asset.

Of course, such partial shares of NFT ownership can then be traded on DEXs, CEXs, and NFT marketplaces. For now, Confti Parties can bid for NFTs on Zora and Foundation, with support for OpenSea purchases to soon come. 

With regards to platform fees, Confti collects 0 Party fees, however it charges 2.5% for PartyBid operations (i.e. the crowdfunding part), a 1.5% fee for NFT Division, and a 2% fractionalization fee.  

Moving Forward

Each Confti DAO has a Vault that has its value determined by the divided NFT parts. Through decentralized governance, DAO members can build the value of their Vault together, however Confti will also be able to step in and offer sales of single NFTs, collateralized loans, renting, P2P, and more, in order to bolster the Vault’s value even further.

As the PartyBid service doesn’t support issuance or trading, Confti will soon launch a separate NFT issuance and trading functionality which will meet the demands of time restricted investors. Here, the new features will give users an increased level of competitive advantage within NFT marketplace ongoings, and they will also serve as a way of attracting more high-profile figures to the platform.  

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