NFT Influencer’s FUD Token Project Rugpulls: All You Need to Know

  • June 20, 2022

In a damning and detailed thread, @itstylersays has been accused of rug pulling his FUD Token NFT project. The Twitter thread by the popular ‘on-chain analyst’ @NFTherder details these accusations. It also implicates @digitalartchick in the procedures.

By doing this, @NFTherder hopes to remind everyone and raise awareness about the ‘rug pull’ project. Many people in the NFT community already know this project and its accusations, as it is not a new revelation. It happened a while back. However, newcomers to the community will not.

Image of the original FUD Token sale website
NFTherder has posted an NFT thread detailing the historic rug pull FUD Token and its creators.

FUD Token rug pull highlights dangers of NFT influencers

In the first tweet by NFTherder about FUD Token, they said, “Time to FUD @itstylersaysFUD token rug pull project and see how he likes it. It was a scheme he and Artchick created: some code, same art, same shilling, and ultimately same rug And Artchick walked away with 55 $eth.”

The following tweets went on show data and images that seem to correspond to the accusations. It also shows several striking similarities between FUD Token and Attention Token.

The code and the images used in each NFT project are remarkably similar. In fact, it shows that very little was different between the projects, apart from the name of each. 

DYOR when entering NFT projects

Both Fud Token and Attention Token are long gone and no longer live projects. However, the NFT creators are still very much involved in the community.

Most NFT projects are legitimate, but a small number are just an attempt to part you from your hard-earned money, so take caution. When you are considering which NFT project to invest in, always take time to research and look out for red flags.

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