Turn Your NFT Into Merch With Ease: This App Can Make It Happen

  • June 29, 2022

Pixels.com, a world-leading print-on-demand website, is introducing a new platform to transform your favourite NFT into merch. This incredible move by pixels.com allows NFT owners to buy and sell NFTs in the form of merchandise. Some options immediately available are canvas prints, clothing such as t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, puzzles, and much more.

Image of the Pixels.com NFT homepage with text merch
You can now transform your favourite NFT into a range of cool merch thanks to Pixels.com

Transform your favourite NFT into cool merch!

There is a massive market for NFTs, and Pixels.com is capitalizing on its popularity. To turn your favourite NFT into a unique physical product, you must copy and paste your wallet address, and the platform does the rest. You can own a truly personalized piece of merchandise in a few clicks.

Additionally, Pixels.com has been working in the print-on-demand industry for years and has an excellent worldwide network for distribution. Within days, you will receive your brand new physical NFT merch product.

“This is one of the most exciting times in the history of our business,” said Sean Broihier, CEO of Pixels. “We’ve spent 15+ years building software to help people transform their personal photos into physical products. With the recent rise of NFTs, it was a natural fit to expand our printing capabilities to the NFT community. The response from NFT owners has been incredible.”

A new avenue for NFT art?

One of the most exciting aspects of the new NFT merch shop on Pixels.com is that it opens up new roads for NFT artists. A significant and defining part of NFT culture is that art can often defy the mainstream perception of art value.

Finally, some of the most famous NFT artists have struggled to sell their artwork for years and now find their pieces going for thousands of dollars in NFT format. 

Now, they will also have the chance to sell their art to an already established base in different ways.

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