Coca-Cola Pride Collection: NFTs For LGBTQIA+ Organization OUT

  • June 30, 2022

Coca-Cola is celebrating International Pride Day with the release of the Coca-Cola Pride Collection of NFTs. As a matter of fact, these limited edition digital collectibles are live as of today. What’s more, Coca-Cola will donate all proceeds from initial and secondary sales to the LGBTQIA+ community organization, OUT.

Coca-Cola Pride Collection NFT Logo
Coca-Cola sees itself as a longtime supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

All the details about the Coca-Cola Pride Collection of NFTs

Coca-Cola partnered with Rich Minsi to create the artwork for the Pride Collection. Minsi is a renowned South African fashion designer and a leading campaigner for African LGBTQIA+ rights. In addition, Coca-Cola also worked with Vice’s creative agency Virtue, and the digital collectible studio Tafi.

As mentioned above, the Coca-Cola NFTs have a significant charitable component. That is to say that, as part of the celebration of International Pride day, all proceeds will go to OUT. Minsi actually selected the charity partner for the first year of the project.

To clarify, OUT is the second-oldest South African organization serving the LGBTQIA+ community. It provides people with both physical and mental health care.

As of now, the limited edition run of 136 NFTs is available on the Coca-Cola Pride Collection website. Significantly, buyers will mint on the Polygon network. As a result, NFT buyers will enjoy lower transaction fees and have a much smaller environmental impact. Lastly, the NFTs are available for the price of 335 MATIC (around $150 currently).

Notably, this is not Coca-Cola’s first move in the NFT space. In fact, the company has put out several NFTs in the past. Its main partner for its previous collectibles has been the marketplace VeVe. Before that, Coca-Cola put out NFTs to celebrate World Friendship Day last year. That drop came in partnership with the Decentraland metaverse platform.

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