Raregotchi – Where 90s Virtual Pets Meet the Metaverse

  • June 30, 2022

Inspired by the classic 90s virtual pets, Raregotchi is a unique NFT-centric ecosystem which combines collectible toys, breedable pets, NFT gaming, and vibrant graffiti-inspired art. Each of these facets affects one another, meaning players can enjoy a truly immersive online experience.

To get its metaverse ball rolling, Raregotchi will be hosting the mint for its OG TOY sale, with the assets essentially serving as the life sources of the ecosystem.


Raregotchi’s long-awaited OG TOY Sale will be split into three minting stages; pre-mint, OG mint, and public mint. The pre-mint will kick things off on June 30th, with the public sale commencing on July 4th.

The first Raregotchi generation includes three founding TOYS; Alien Boy, School Kid, and Snow Cone, who each come with their own distinct and colourful artworks which tell their unique visual story. There are 1,000 NFTs for each type and 3,000 OG TOY NFTs in total, with each costing 0.25 ETH to mint. Not all are the same however, as they come in one of three sizes, with each size determining how many OG PETS the TOY can mint (either 3, 4, or 6). 

Upon minting a TOY NFT, owners can either unseal the digital package in order to reveal the mystery PETS which are waiting inside, or alternatively leave it sealed and in its pristine digital container.

Owning a TOY NFT will provide owners with a host of perks, such as the chance to claim a physical vinyl TOY,  access to an array of Raregotchi games, control over the production of OG PETS, voting power in the RareDAO, creating a Raregotchi lineage and PET clan, a free House mint, and much more. 

PETS NFTs and the Wider Raregotchi Ecosystem 

Raregotchi is an expansive metaverse of fun where players can collect and flex both TOYS and PETS NFTs. PETS are the citizens and main characters of the Raregotchi metaverse. A maximum of 9,999 OG PETS can be unleashed into the Rareverse if all TOY NFTs are unsealed, where from there, they can be attributed their own family name and lineage through leveraging NFT metadata. 

Every PET comes in one five tiers of rarity; Rare, Ultra-Rare, Epic, Shiny, and Legendary, as well as with seven cosmetic and genetic features; Type, Body Colour, Background Colour, Head, Item, Eyes, and Mouth, with each being handcrafted with extreme artistic quality and precision.

Powered by NFT Studios, the creators of various successful blockchain-centric products such as CryptoMotors, Voxel Architects, and PixelChain, the Raregotchi ecosystem also plays host to a whole array of games that involve Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) mechanics where rewards can be won.

Raregotchi Games

Players can use their TOYS and PETS to earn rewards across an array of Raregotchi games. There are currently two major Raregotchi games in development, with both offering players the chance to earn in-game tokens and access other benefits. 

The first is ‘Raregotchi The Game,’ which is a resource-gathering game which combines elements of the pet-raising genre to allow players to complete missions, perform active and passive tasks to earn tokens, and upgrade their NFT Houses. 

The second is a PvP mode where players battle their PETS against each other to earn tokens and other rewards.

The project’s ongoing tokenomics and DAO developments will allow a sustainable economy to be rendered around such games, to ensure that those most involved get rewarded for their engagement.


In wake of the OG TOY sale, OG PET minting through OG TOY ownership will take place, where owners will then be able to embark on different adventures to earn tokens and NFTs, as well as begin the PETS family lineage.

In Q4 of 2022, an in-game token will launch, as well as Raregotchi Houses which TOY owners can claim for free. Further down the road, the project will expand the functionality of its games, Houses and NFTs even more, with decisions being made in accordance with the consensus of the project’s DAO, RareDAO.


NFT Studios was founded in 2020, with its mission being to develop digital products, tools, and technologies to enable the metaverse and the NFT space to grow and thrive. With over 70 team members across areas such as the blockchain, game development, product design, 3D modelling, and a whole array of creative fields, the company is behind a broad portfolio of successful gaming projects.

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