Givenchy Parfums Pride NFT Art Is Now Live On VeVe

  • July 5, 2022

Givenchy Parfums celebrates Pride by collaborating with London gallery owner and LGBTQIA+ activist Amar Singh as well as Rewind Collective. Through this collaboration, they are dropping a series of digital artworks as NFTs on VeVe, the largest mobile-first digital collectibles platform. Most importantly, proceeds from this sale will go to the LGBTQIA+ organisation Le MAG Jeunes.

givenchy parfums veve
One of the NFTs included in Givenchy Parfums’ Pride collection.

About Givenchy Parfums’s Pride III NFT Art

Givenchy Parfums continues its venture into the metaverse with the release of this NFT collection. The NFT collection itself, called “Pride,” is a series of animated portraits symbolizing diversity, equality and identity. What’s more, Rewind Collective reinterpreted the photos digitally in the colours of the rainbow flag to show the brand’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community.

The limited series of 1,952 collectibles is currently on sale on VeVe and ends tomorrow. Givenchy Parfums hopes to donate $128,000 to the LGBTQIA+ organization Le MAG Jeunes through the sale of this NFT collection.

About VeVe: The primary partner for this sale

VeVe was founded in 2018 and is committed to bringing premium licensed NFT digital collectibles to the public. It currently has more than 300,000 active users, with more than 500,000 NFTs sold – making it the largest mobile-first NFT marketplace. In March last year, VeVe committed to being a carbon-neutral platform and donated more than $7 million to environmental charities. This action continued to cement VeVe’s reputation in the NFT sector.

In addition to partnering with Givenchy Parfums, it recently expanded its influence by hosting the IRL event “VeVe x DesignerCon Kickoff Party.” In addition, it launched a Tarzan NFT collection earlier this month that celebrated the comic’s 50th anniversary.

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