NEN NFT Is Bringing AI entertainment To The NFT Space

  • July 6, 2022

NEN NFT, from the VTubing agency, Pictoria KK is bringing the world of AI entertainment to the NFT space. By merging the world of AI and NFTs, NEN aims to bring together a community of science-fiction-loving NFT holders. What’s more, the project pays homage to many iconic Japanese science fiction works involving AI from the 1990s. Let’s take a closer look at what the NEN NFT project is all about and how you can get the NFTs.

Different NEN NFT avatars lying down in a circle
NEN NFTs will hit the blockchain this July!

What is NEN?

NEN NFT is a part of the “Tsumugi Nen Project” funded by the VTubing agency, Pictoria KK in 2020. For the uninitiated, VTubing refers to a form of streaming where the creators use 3D or 2D models of characters to represent them on camera. The project’s vision was to create the world’s first AI VTuber, in a bid to develop a new form of entertainment.

To be sure, Tsumugi Nen Project took VTubing to new heights. Essentially, instead of humans using 3D models, the project’s AI, “Tsumugi Nen”, will use 3D models to stream online. From reading comments to sometime even replying to comments and speaking to the audience in her own voice, Nen can do it all!

After her Youtube success, Nen is stepping into the NFT world with her own NFT collection. 

What are the utilities of NEN NFTs?

First and foremost, NEN NFT holders get the power to influence Nen’s growth. To explain, each NFT is embedded with a unique question, that only the NFT holder can answer. Then, the answer will be sent to Nen, who will learn from the answer. Essentially, the holders help develop the AI’s thoughts and dialogue.

What’s more, the holders will get to decide the setting of Nen’s upcoming anime/manga project. They will also get to decide the plot of a future Nen adventure, sci-fi game. Events and a metaverse are also in the pipeline! In short, holders will play a crucial role in helping the Nen ecosystem grow.

A NEN NFT avatar
The NFTs come with a slew of utilities.

How can you buy the NFTs?

Initially, the Tsumugi Nen Project will sell 3,000 NEN NFTs. Already, the team has started distributing the whitelist. In addition, they hold daily airdrops and giveaways on their official Discord server. While the project had initially planned to drop the NFTs in June, they postponed the plan due to the crypto crash. 

Now, the public sale will go live in early July. Each NFT will cost 0.06 ETH. To mint an NFT, all you have to do is go to the project’s website, connect your wallet, and enter the quantity of NFTs you want to mint. 

All in all, NEN NFT is an exciting project to watch out for this summer, especially for fans of science fiction. After all, the blend of AI and NFTs is a growing sub-sector in the Web3 space. 

To know more about the NEN NFT collection, head over to the project’s website. Make sure to follow them on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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