Rugrats & Hey Arnold! Nickelodeon NFT Drop Includes Steve Aoki Remix

  • July 11, 2022

A Nickelodeon NFT drop is coming, and it will celebrate some of the most iconic characters of the 90s. Television shows such as Rugrats and Hey Arnold! shaped a generation. Thanks to Web3 technology, Paramount, and RECUR, the innovative technology company, they will also be available in a completely new way as Mashup characters.

What’s more, Grammy Award-nominated DJ, and NFT enthusiast, Steve Akoi, is producing a brand new remix track and music video for the special occasion. The famous artist will draw inspiration from the original Rugrats and Hey Arnold! theme songs.

Rugrats and Hey Arnold Characters in Nickelodeon NFT drop
RECUR and Paramount are introducing a new generation to iconic Nickelodeon characters in NFT form.

Nickelodeon NFT collection celebrates iconic shows

The official RECUR Nickelodeon NFT drop is available from July 18th for whitelist customers via The public can also get their hands on these amazing NFTs on July 19th. 

In total, there are 10,000 NFT packs at $50 each. Moreover, each pack contains a 1/1 PFP NFT with a unique version of certain characters from Hey Arnold! and Rugrats. Some characters include Tommy Pickles, Arnold Shortman, Helga G, and Chuckie Finster. There are 12 characters to collect from the legendary TV shows.

On July 26th, fans can trade in their original Nickelodeon NFTs to collect Slime. Importantly, this will provide the opportunity to get Mashup characters starting on July 29th. More information about the Slime swaps is coming soon.

Steve Aoki provides a spin on the Nickelodeon collection

Steve Aoki is a powerhouse in the DJ world and a prominent NFT community member. RECUR and Paramount have partnered with the famous DJ to introduce these new Mashup NFT characters. 

Aoki created the remix to highlight the new Mashup style. The characters are going to make their debut via the music video. The video is a throwback to the 90s, and the neon, technicolour style reflects this. 

Speaking about the Nickelodeon NFT collection, Steve said, “Really grateful to be teaming up with RECUR and Paramount to bring these shows to life in the NFT space. I can’t wait to see the roadmap come to life.”

Nickelodeon Mashups are also brand new characters that combine traits and names from the collection’s original characters. For example, a Mashup that’s part Tommy Pickles and part Helga Pataki is ‘Tolga’.

Finally, this is an exciting move by Paramount and RECUR. Rugrats and Hey Arnold are still extremely popular. Now, they will have the opportunity to live again and inspire a new generation in NFT form. You can view the Steve Aoki music video right now!

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