KIA America Launches NFTs with QR Code Project

  • July 21, 2022

Automobile company KIA America is launching NFTs as part of the marketing campaign for its brand new 2023 KIA Soul. The 30-second spot features NFTs as talent and incorporates a unique QR code embedded into the creative. Undoubtedly, having such a popular automobile brand embrace NFTs cements NFTs’ position as a marketing as well as a branding tool.

kia america
The 2023 KIA Soul marketing campaign includes NFTs on two fronts!

About the new KIA America NFTs

In total, there are 10,100 KIA America-themed NFTs, powered by the Sweet NFT platform. Viewers who watch the ad simply need to scan the QR code with their smartphone to obtain one of these NFTs.

The marketing campaign, titled “Built for Whoever You Are”, includes a 30-second spot that features NFT characters. It follows three of the most popular DASK NFT characters as they hop in a new 2023 Kia Soul.

The NFTs are part of the Dead Army Skeleton Klub (DASK) NFT collection – which includes more than 150 hand-drawn characteristics. It is also important to note that the 10,100 KIA America NFTs draw inspiration from both the new KIA Soul 2023 and the DASK NFTs featured in the ad.

Russel Wagner, KIA America’s Vice President of Marketing, commented: “The Soul is as individualistic as the NFTs are. As a brand, Kia is always innovating to stay on the cutting edge of where the market is headed.”

The automobile company’s web3 journey so far

This is far from KIA America’s first web3 venture. Earlier this year, Sweet partnered with KIA America for an NFT launch like no other. This NFT featured the “Robo-Dog” from KIA’s Super Bowl ad spot, converted into an NFT. It was the first national TV commercial to include NFTs, further bridging the gap between traditional media and web3.

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