HTC x Pixiv Introduce Anime Style Avatars To The VIVERSE

  • July 26, 2022

HTC, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, is partnering with premier 3D model company pixiv Inc to introduce anime avatars to its metaverse users. The unique collaboration between HTC and pixiv will provide high-quality amine characters for the HTC metaverse platform, the VIVERSE.

Image of the HTC Pixiv Vroid characters
HTC and pixiv are teaming up to introduce VRoid avatar characters into the VIVERSE.

HTC x pixiv team up to bring anime avatars to the VIVERSE!

Pixiv is a leading Japanese creator social media platform. With this new partnership with HTC, Pixiv will combine their 3D character modelling software, VRoid Studio, into the HTC metaverse. Significantly, this will give users a new creative experience that allows them to reimagine themselves in the metaverse. Avatars are hugely popular in the metaverse.

Basically, pixiv software will provide fantastic characters to play with in the HTC metaverse. The VRoid Studio software allows users to customize their virtual characters’ hairstyles, faces, bodies, clothes and much more. 

“Avatars are an essential part of the metaverse. They represent a user’s persona and swiftly convey the idea of ‘who I am to others,” said Joseph Lin, President of VIVERSE. “The partnership with pixiv will rapidly increase the number of virtual characters on VIVERSE and meet the needs of users who prefer anime and manga styles. VIVERSE will continue introducing more unique characters and accessories in the future; with a variety of virtual avatars from reality to imaginary, a metaverse like Star Trek will not be far behind.”

The VIVERSE continues to grow

VIVERSE and pixiv will also continue to work together in the long term. They aim to give users a more customizable avatar creation process. 

Finally, along with the HTC x pixiv news, the metaverse platform recently introduced a smartphone that is ‘VIVERSE’ compatible. The HTC Desire 22 Pro provides metaverse platform access along with crypto and NFT functionality.

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