Hyundai Is Back With Its Second NFT Collection

  • July 27, 2022

Hyundai returns to the NFT scene with a new collection of 5,000 Ioniq 6 collectibles. The new digital assets come with many perks, including VIP event access, fashion NFT drops, and more! The collectibles had been airdropped to random collectors for free.

image o a Hyundai NFT
The second Hyundai NFT collection includes 5,000 digital assets airdropped entirely for free. Credit: Hyundai

What does the new Hyundai NFT collection offer?

The iconic car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Co. has just released a brand new NFT collection: Ioniq 6. The company airdropped the 5K digital assets to collectors for free. This step allowed a wide range of NFT and car enthusiasts to enjoy the new experience.

In fact, Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 NFT collection includes plenty of holder perks:

  • VIP access to the company’s virtual space “Planet Hyundai”;
  • early access to fashion-themed digital assets;
  • virtual events hosted in the virtual space “Ioniq Digital Garage”.

In fact, holders may get additional perks based on the NFTs’ rarities. There will be six themes to define rarities: Work, Socializing, Entertainment, Healing, Fun Driving, and Sress-Free Driving.

“Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and involve our customers,” said Executive VP Thomas Schemera. “The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection is a meaningful endeavor to expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling.”

image of a Hyundai NFT
Last spring, Hyundai had surprisingly released other limited-edition collectibles together with Meta Kongz. Credit: Hyundai

Did Hyundai release any other collectibles?

Hyundai launched its debut NFT collection back in April 2022. The “Metamobility Universe” drop was in fact a collaboration with Meta Kongz.

Surprisingly, Hyundai’s previous NFT collection was undoubtedly more exclusive than Ioniq 6. Back then, the company released just 30 limited-edition NFTs. Accordingly, the 5,000 free collectibles airdropped this time will definitely create a diverse community.

Earlier this summer, Chevrolet also made headlines with its exclusive NFT. The hybrid drop featured a rare Corvette NFT linked to the physical vehicle itself. If you’re into auto NFTs, you can check out Nissan and Toyota’s Metaverse plans here!

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