Unleash the Inner Pyromaniac at the Voxels Burn Party

  • August 23, 2022

Those looking for their mid-week fix of wanton destruction need look no further than the Voxels metaverse. Where the venerable gods in charge will look to incinerate one of its larger parcels in an epic ‘Burn Party’.

As part of its renewed initiative to rejuvenate its real-estate marketplace, Voxels has formulated a plan to reorganize its parcel strategy. Essentially, ridding itself of its cumbersome and unwanted plots via a series of burning events. In addition to transferring certain choice locations into a community owned commons area.

To kick off this grand new game plan, Voxels will host a fiery celebration in the shape of a tremendous ‘Burn Party’. Turning up the heat from 2am – 4am UTC on August 25 within the Andromeda Island region of the platform. Essentially, consigning to the flames a location previously designated for the Voxels HQ.

Going forward, Voxels will continue to formulate new ways to drum up demand for its parcels. However, pledging to do so without undermining the all-important floor price. While also taking mighty steps to ramp up utility throughout its incredible virtual realm.

So, as Voxels looks to once again find its feet, it has acquired a brand-new motto, ‘DESTRUCTION FOR REJUVENATION!’.

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