Reddit Begins Airdropping Polygon-based “Collectible Avatars”

  • August 25, 2022

Quick take:

  • Users were asked to select their avatars based on their participation on Reddit.
  • The avatars can be stored on Reddit’s blockchain wallet, Vault.
  • Buyers can use the avatars on Reddit and other platforms.

Social news aggregation site, Reddit, has started airdropping its previously announced “collectible avatars” to users on the platform. 

Over the past week, users have been asked to select avatars from the Aww Friends, Drip Squad, Meme Team, and The Singularity collections, based on their individual participation on the site.

The collectible avatars are now listed on OpenSea. Avatars from The Singularity, Drip Squad  and Meme Team collections currently have a floor price of 0.02 ETH ($34.26) while the floor price of the Aww Friends collection is 0.01 ETH ($17.13) as of this writing.

Separate collections such as The Senses and Foustlings created by selected artists are also live on Reddit’s NFT marketplace which launched in July, and are also listed on OpenSea. 

Prices of the avatars on Reddit’s marketplace sold at fixed prices of $9.99, $24.99, $49.99, $74.99, or $99.99. Unlike regular NFT marketplaces, the prices of the avatars won’t fluctuate depending on market conditions. Buyers of the avatars from any collection will have full ownership rights transferred to them, and can use the avatars on Reddit and other platforms.

Users can store and manage the avatars on Reddit’s own blockchain wallet, Vault, which also stores community points earned from participation in various subreddits. 

In January, Reddit began testing a new feature that would allow users to set any NFT as their avatar and verify its ownership.

Last June, Reddit made its first foray into NFT with the launch of its first NFT collection, CryptoSnoos, the site’s own digital collectibles. Buyers can use a CryptoSnoo NFT card as their avatar on the site and their comments will feature the CryptoSnoo avatar with a glow animation.

Owners of the “collectible avatars” will also see a “glow-like effect” next to their comments in subreddits.

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